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Great Awakening International, established by Dr. Kenneth Howard and Ronald Dalton Jr. in 2019, purpose is to bring together people from all settings who are awakened to or curious about their true identity with the objective of building unity and strengthening relationships between the Hebrew community and the business, academic, social, and faith sectors to enhance their roles in the awakening movement. Today hundreds of thousands follow us around the world; all are in search of their true identity.

“And it shall come to pass in that day, that Yahuah shall set his hand again the second time to recover the remnant of his people…... And he shall set up an ensign for the nations, and shall assemble the outcasts of Israel, and gather together the dispersed of Judah from the four corners of the earth.” – Isaiah 11:11-12

Great Awakening International is a Messianic Charismatic Hebraic collection of assemblies and believers around the world. As a Torah-Brit Hadasha Teaching, Ruach-Filled Community, we actively teach the Ancient Path and Hebrew Roots of the faith. So-called Christianity in general has not been faithful in following the Bible. Surprisingly, many of today’s popular teachings and customs are not based in Scripture. We strive to return to the old paths of truth that have largely been ignored, and obediently follow in the footsteps of the Messiah, Jude 3.

Jude 3 speaks directly to us: “Beloved, when I gave all diligence to write unto you of the common salvation, it was needful for me to write unto you, and exhort you that you should earnestly contend for the faith which was once delivered unto the saints.” This original faith as practiced in the early New Testament Assembly is being restored now by Great Awakening International and many others Hebrew communities in this generation.

We observe the weekly Sabbath (on the seventh day) known as Saturday, just as did the Savior, Luke 4:16, as well as Paul and the Apostles, Acts 13:42-46; 17:2; 18:4. Singing, preaching, special music and familiar songs are a part of our worship. Our mishpacha comes from nearly all denominations and all walks of life. Most began searching for deeper truth when they learned that their former church/affiliation was teaching another message from what they found in Scripture. We continue to search the Bible for deeper understanding. Much of the church has deviated from the truth of the Scriptures. We make every effort to root out error that has crept into modern worship and return to the paths of pure worship. We believe that the Bible teaches a way of life through the commandments in the Old Testament and from the same example of obedience given us by our Messiah in the New Testament. When necessary, we research the original languages of the Bible as closely as we can, assuming and believing nothing unless it is shown in Scripture. As a group we are committed to “study to show ourselves approved” (2Tim. 2:15 ), and to “prove all things, hold fast to that which is “good,” (1Thessalonians 5:21).

Our Mission includes spreading the (Besorah), The Good News of Yahushua Ha Mashiach, the only brought forth Son of Yahuah (Yah-hoo-wah)! We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to know the Good News of the Messiah and the truth of the Father Yahuah. We want to share these truths we have discovered with everyone who has “eyes to see and ears to hear” (Matthew 13:16). Matthew 24:14 tells us that ‘once the Good News is proclaimed to all the nations of the world, the end shall come’. This is our desire, to reach as much people as we can.

We are NOT associated with any man-made denomination. We are a non-sectarian, non-denominational, non-camp affiliated community of Believers (Israel). We are a group of Messianic believers who are awakened to our original identity and heritage as “Hebrews” and seek to awaken the Body of Believers from the anti-biblical doctrines of modern-day So-called Christianity. We teach about the Scriptures from the Scriptures. We do not claim to have all of the answers. We encourage all to open their Bibles and see for themselves that we back up ALL of our claims from Scripture to the best of our knowledge. We don’t take credit for anything, we give all thanks, praise and esteem to our Father Yahuah.

We also call our Heavenly Father by His revealed, personal name Yahuah, which He says is His memorial name forever, Exodus 3:15. Many Bible scholars and Hebrew leaders will acknowledge that "Yah" is the correct name of the Heavenly Father. The short form of His name, Yah, can be seen in many words, including the most popular hallelujah (“halleluYAH,” meaning, “praise you Yah”). It is also found in the suffix of Biblical names like IsaYAH, (Isaiah), JeremYAH (Jeremiah), NehemYAH (Nehemiah), and ObadYAH (Obadiah). The well-known “Jehovah” is a very poor transliteration and never was His name, for there is no J or J sound in either Hebrew or any Semitic language from which we got the Bible.

Although many in our congregation struggle with this, our objective is not to find the use of the pagan titles of “God” and “Lord.” We ultimately, want to stop referring to the Messiah, Yahusha with the Greek Name of So-called Jesus. [We admit this is not easy]. Although this is our goal we operate by grace and not legalism. We acknowledge that, as flipping through your Bible, one can discover that the Father Yahuah deems His Name important we do also. Because of this, we will not make His Name vain, empty, useless or unimportant by covering it up and not using it.

We acknowledge Yahusha Ha Mashiach as our Messiah, High Priest, Rabbi (Master), Mediator. Yahushua Ha Mashiach is our Bridegroom. We, believers, make up the body of Mashiach (Messiah) and we are the Bride. As all brides, we must prepare ourselves for the Bridegroom! We need to keep our relationship with our Bridegroom pure, not having it defiled with pagan worship, but by keeping the marriage vows because we love HIM! We believe in having our hearts circumcised. We believe the Ten Commandments are the marriage vows to the Bride.


Mishpacha (Family)

Great Awakening is always open to anyone who believes Yah is leading them to become a part of our mishpacha (family)! 

We don’t do Membership, we do Family (Mish’pacha). Save the membership to gyms and towing services and become a part of our fellowship's mish’pacha. We believe if Yah has called you to a GAI assembly He has called you to be a part of a family. Family allows you do more than just sit and hear the messages. Family gets you active, working together with the rest of the assembly of believers. We are looking for family (Mish’pacha) willing to share their time, talent, gifts and abilities to help build the Kingdom of Yahuah.

To every  family, there is a defined relationship with specific roles and duties. Yah has, in a natural sense, placed every person who cleaves to Israel in an assembly (family) to help with their spiritual growth and development. The Bible teaches that it is Yah’s purpose to set the solitary into families (Psalms 68:6). The Hebrew word for solitary is “Yachid” and it means to “set the lonely in a family”. Yah has done this by providing a spiritual family (whose bond is to be stronger than those we have with lost family members) through fellowship in a local assembly OR at national events and feast days.



We have developed an organizational model which will begin to realign the Great Awakening International to better serve our affiliate local assemblies, ministries, and initiatives. With this new structure, we expect to improve communication, streamline decision-making, and customize our initiatives and interventions to meet related needs. The new structure will also enable us to increase accountability for outcomes.

This model increases our missional effectiveness and contribute to future sustainability. It allows for the Guardians to be more responsive and nimbler in discerning and implementing the needs of the GAAI moving forward. Additionally, it allows the Guardians to minimize the roles we play administratively to help spend more of our time:

  • building relationships with Morehs and their Assemblies.
  • traveling to increase the awareness of the Great Awakening and its movement.
  • training leaders worldwide 

The Great Awakening International consists of 8 Councils, 7 Teams,  7 Forums, 10 Ministries, 2 Committees, Several Assemblies, Strategic Worship Hubs, and College Communities.








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