Annual Mega-Conference Objectives:

  • To support the conference focus, “The Great Awakening”, by providing attendees with practical knowledge and tools that they can use to continue to awaken the dispersed of Israel.
  • To raise awareness about how African Americans and other Bantus Negroes around the world are fulfilling biblical prophecy by rediscovering their ancient identity
  • To showcase diversity in the Hebrew culture across diverse factions and settings
  • To support networking and sharing among Hebrews (African Americans) from all settings within the business, entertainment, academic, political and faith continuum.
  •  To continue to build the momentum and celebrate the culture of the Hebrew community in the US and beyond.
  • To highlight the people, assemblies, organizations, and education in advancing the Hebrew movement.

Conference Goals:

  • increases awareness of, knowledge about, and appreciation for issues unique to African Americans who have discovered their Hebraic roots.
  • seeks to educate and update African Americans on trends and issues related to the rapidly growing Hebrew community through sharing information on research, educational opportunities, regional resources, new communities, prophetic events, community issues, and trends.

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