Annual Mega Conference Program Elements


The Mega Conference program consists of workshop sessions that:

  1. Reflect elements of the black community, both within the Hebrew setting and within the community at large, and how this impacts the culture of people of color,
  2. Include practical tools for implementation of person-centered practices, providing attendees with what they need to implement what they learn.
  3. Reflect the knowledge and experiences of those who work on the frontline of the Hebrew movement and who are engaged in living these practices every day.
  4. Are inclusive, ensuring diverse voices are represented and supported in planning and delivery. The conference program will include the voices of Hebrew leaders and engage people of all ages in sharing and exploring what it means to reconnect to historical roots.
  5. Are interactive and experiential, providing a safe and engaging space where participants actively engage with ideas and have opportunities for critical reflection and dialogue with each other. The program will welcome vibrant, creative and non-traditional approaches to share information (e.g., use of technology, performing arts, fine arts, media, narratives, poetry, photography, small art installations, etc.), in addition to more traditional panel presentations followed by facilitated discussion.
  6. Build linkages by creating opportunities for strong connections to be made between lived experiences

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