Learning Outcomes

  1. To show why knowing the True “Identity” of the so-called African American is crucial to understanding the political, social, economic, and religious climate of blacks in the United States
  2. To show the connection between the Bantus-Negro people in Africa who were subjected to the Transatlantic Slave and the American Negro today
  3. To reveal the True “Identity-Ethnicity” of the Biblical Hebrew Israelites in B.C. times and their scattered descendants today in the 21st Century.
  4. To use archaeological proof, Genetics (Y-DNA, mtDNA, Autosomal SNP/STR tracking, ABO/Rh blood types, odontology, prognathous, language, ancient literature, traditions/customs and migration routes to prove who are the bloodline authentic “Real Children of Israel” by birthright.
  5. To reveal the intrinsic bias towards people of color due to the psychological effects of cultural and religious whitenization;
  6. To reveal the psychological effects and negative connotations of people with a lack of identity
  7. To reveal how cognitive dissonance impacts people of color despite incontestable research, unarguable empirical facts, and strong corroboration presented.
  8. How society lacks proper exegetical understanding of the very scriptures they read

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