(How We Will We Sustain our Mission & Achieve our Vision?)

REAWAKENING the dispersed of Israel scattered all over the four corners of the earth (Isaiah 11:12) by teaching, fellowshipping, and gathering according to the Scriptures by:

  1. waking-up “Black America” to their true identity as Hebrews of the Scriptures
  2. raising awareness about how African Americans and other Bantus Negroes around the world are fulfilling biblical prophecy by rediscovering their ancient identity
  3. Developing an interdisciplinary team that comprises of Torah observant and ruach-filled professionals from various disciplines who work in collaboration to address the dispersed who has physical, spiritual, emotional, financial, marital, family, social, and psychological needs. An interdisciplinary team of awakened experts implementing separate care and treatments and complement one another's expertise and actively coordinate to work toward shared treatment goals. This vetted group of interdisciplinary professionals are nurses, physical therapists, physicians, therapists, social workers, Morim (spiritual practitioner), family counselors, and other specialists all working together for the shared goal of the Mishpacha healing, deliverance, treatment, and recovery.
  4. Developing Weeping Daughters of Rachel and Achim Boker Tephillah Prayer initiatives whose objective is to gather worldwide to pray, intercede and cry out against social, physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual issues concerning scattered Israel in accordance with scripture. These ministries exist to pray for healing and deliverance for the dispersed to prevent the conditions that augments depravity, restores heritage, obedience and relationship with Yah and bring justice to the weak and vulnerable.

REDEEMING the lost by:

  1. Demonstrating the Works of the Kingdom through Community Transformation Initiatives and evangelization such as the National Besorah Outdoor Team that is dedicated to sharing the Good News (Mark 1:14) that Yahusha ha’Mashiach preached and honoring The Great Commission of Matthew 28:18-20; focused on the optimal way to liberate our people, the nation of Israel, from the covenant of curses (Deuteronomy 28:15-68) is by preaching repentance back to Yah’s Torah Covenant. preaching the truth of the proper historical context and doctrine of the Scriptures to all races, colors, and ethnicities, spreading the full truth of the gospel.
  2. spreading the (Besorah), The Good News of Yahusha Ha Mashiach, (Isaiah 61) the only brought forth Son of Yahuah (Yah-hoo-wah) and that everyone should have the opportunity to know the Good News of the Messiah and the truth of the Father Yahuah.
  3. immersing (baptizing) believers in the name of Yahusha HaMaschiach, as a public act of ritual conversion from death to life, from the kingdom of darkness to the kingdom of light, from Satan’s domain to Yah’s domain. 
  4. D. immersing believers in the Ruach HaQodesh (Holy Spirit) and fire is a gift from Yah as promised by Yahusha the Messiah to all believers and is received subsequent to the New Birth (Matt. 3:11; John 14:16, 17; Acts 1:8; Acts 2:38, 39).
  5. encouraging all believers, both Hebrew and Gentiles, to affirm, embrace, and practice the Law found in the Tanakh and Brit Hadasha (Ex. 19 & 20; Deut. 5; Jer. 31:31-34; Matt. 5:17-19 Matt. 28:18-20; I Cor. 7:19; II Tim. 3:15-16; Heb. 8:10; Rev. 14:12); as clarified through the teachings of Messiah Yahusha (Matt. 5:17-19; Matt. 11:28-30).

RECOVER the Hebrew Origins of the faith by creating formats and settings for our mishpacha and their generation to shift from a “pagan church” to a “Awakened” mindset by:

  1. Creating formats to identify, equip, train, and release leaders, teachers, and followers with foundational truths to teach, live out, and defend the faith of the scriptures strategically and accurately. Creating national live streamed forums Moreh Roundtable, Voices of Zaqen, HeBros, Morah Roundtable, My Awakening Experience, 119 & Torah, AYO ObeYah Roundtable, Water Throwers with our followers on historical facts, current trends and issues related to the rapidly growing Hebrew community through sharing information on research, educational opportunities, regional resources, new communities, prophetic events, community issues, and trends.
  2. Assisting believers in understanding the paganism of infused in Christianity and rediscovering the Hebrew roots of the Faith through the teaching and instruction of biblical truths.
  3. defying the traditional, conventional, ritualistic, religious, and pagan systems of the Christian church to perpetuate pure worship and genuine Hebrew fellowship and reach the Prophetic dispersed of Israel, Nomadic (no place of worship), Static (stuck in religious systems) people groups.
  4. Creating a Great Awakening International Broadcasting Network, a television and radio network broadcasting around the world 24/7. GAI is an extension of Great Awakening International and the goal of GAI Broadcasting Network is to reach the world with the Message of the Awakening.

RECLAIM the original heritage by:

  1. teaching and providing resources to combat the centuries lies that has been forced on the Hebrews through a false Eurocentric teaching and Teutonic language of the scriptures.
  2. Developing a Arukah Ha’shem Ministry designed to share the biblical and historical significance of Hebraic Names, individually meet with those who desire a Hebrew name, give guidance and direction on how to properly seek the Most High for the proper name for all those seeking, and develop a ceremony during the annual Sukkot Feast Days. A ceremony that will include a burn session denouncing our old names, prayer, prophetic impartation, immersions and much more.
  3. establishing opportunities and platforms to take the awakened message of Hebrew heritage into domestic and international geographies to reach to awaken the dispersed of Israel with biblical truth and cutting-edge methodologies.
  4. Establishing and Developing Macro Communities that reinforces successful strategies to become our own financiers to help our community and members of our mish’pacha to achieve financial goals, gain residual income and become entrepreneurial by developing homesteads, collectively pooling resources, teaching fundamental biblical financial strategies and principles of stewardship to reverse the spirit of poverty and embrace cooperative economics for the purposes of being free from the current state of economic domination and exploitation by multiple forces in the world.
  5. Macro Communities will consist of identifying, purchasing land in four areas around the United States (Aleph: Midwest, Bet: South, Gimel: Northeast, and Tav: West. Each of theses macro communities will consists of Hebraic Communities, Regional Centers, and Sanctuaries.
  6. Each Hebraic Communities will consist of the following: Off the Grid Living, Residential Community, Campgrounds w/ Cabins, Farmland, Multi-Purpose Worship Facility, RV Hookups, Community Heritage Hall, Food Processing Facility, Body of Water, Recreation/Community Center, ASATS School / Hebrew Academy International, Storage Facility, Barn House, Solar Field, Business & Heritage Center, Healing & Health Center
  7. Each Regional Center is to provide regional services and support to Assemblies, Worship Hubs, Collegiate Ministries, and Mishpacha living within a specific regional state. Regional Centers will provide administrative services, spiritual care, feast day events, activities, and resources to GAI followers in that regional area.
  8. Each Sanctuary is dedicated exclusively to torah observant believers who are seeking refuge from end time and eschatological catastrophic events serving survivors, providing welcome and safety in the wilderness like atmosphere. Sanctuaries provide temporary accommodation for Mishpacha and their families, truth seekers, and vulnerable people at risk of not buying and/or selling due to a refusal to take the mark of the Beast.

REPRESENTING as a light unto the nations by

  1. developing leaders and micro communities
  2. Launching and
  3. Planting missional flavored Messianic Spirit-filled Hebraic Assemblies throughout the world where believers can be discipled, build relationships, be accountable amongst one an-other, be nurtured toward spiritual maturity, be active participants together in communal capacity, and expand the Kingdom in geographies where these groups exist.
  4. Pattering GAI’s assemblies around the world after the New Testament model Antioch Assembly (Acts 11:19-27 & 13:1-3) that becomes a training and ministry distribution center that identify, equips, empower, authorize, and activate Teachers (Morehs) and local leaders releasing and transplanting these ministry gifts to impact the world.
  5. Developing "Worship Hubs" in areas across the world that partners with the Great Awakening International where believers who follows our ministry can be discipled, build relationships, be accountable amongst one another, be nurtured toward spiritual maturity, be active participants together in communal capacity, and expand the message of the Awakening in geographies where these groups exist until the group becomes a stan alone full-fledge assembly.
  6. Developing an Aleph Tav Collegiate Ministry that desires to see college students come into the knowledge and respond in the Awakening Movement, connect with Great Awakening, and share and embody Torah. Aleph Tav is accomplished through campus wide Torah studies, evangelism, discipleship, worship, missions, and local ministry, while involving collegians in meaningful leadership.
  7. Develop a Zekenim Council that will meet on a regular monthly basis or on a needs basis to provide input, coaching, wise counsel, and accountability regarding issues that may arise in the Great Awakening International. A Zekenim (Elders) Council authorized to serve in a pastoral role and direct the spiritual life and civil matters the Great Awakening.
  8. Develop an Executive Council that serves as the standing administration of the Great Awakening International and participates in governance by advising, reviewing, and recommending policy on issues that directly affect administrative, operational, and financial issues such as merit and compensation, human resources, representation, and the general communication amongst all the Great Awakening.
  9. Develop a Moreh Council for all Morim (Lead and Supporting) affiliated with the Great Awakening International. We accomplish this through combining our resources together to provide order, opportunity, and oversight to our assemblies, encourage healthy assembly growth, encourage accountability, and join forces with like-minded GAI Assemblies by meeting regularly. The Moreh Council gives Morim with access to the relationships, tools, and environments needed to be effective in leading or supporting their assemblies. At these meetings we provide a setting where each Morim can be vulnerable, receive advice from other Morim, share assembly reports, discuss doctrinal topics, be updated on the latest happenings within the Great Awakening, and develop their leadership skills.
  10. Develop an E’ma Council that consist of respected seasoned women who help support and nurture younger women in the Great Awakening. Women who will teach the younger women the ways of Torah and be a good example to others. (Titus 2:3 – 8). The E’ma Council will assist, support, and advise the Morah Council, Moreh Wives, and Weeping Daughters of Rachel Ministries.
  11. Developing a Leadership Training Team that is committed to training Morim, Morot, Assembly Planters, and leaders who are devoted to the awakening of the dispersed of Israel. Training sessions include Torah foundations, vision, core values, evangelism strategy, discipleship, and leadership strategy, gathering strategy, stewardship strategy, Hebraic-centered worship strategy, administrative strategy, assembly master design, developing team, and mileposts. World-class training from leaders who are devoted to the awakening of the dispersed of Israel.
  12. Annually developing a comprehensive training consists of an 8 week online basic training, along with an in-person 7-day Intensive hands-on that focuses on basic training for Morim who want to plant a Hebraic assembly. Topics include Torah foundations, vision, core values, evangelism strategies, discipleship, and leadership strategies, gathering strategies, stewardship strategies, Hebraic-centered worship strategies, administrative strategies, assembly master design, developing team, and mileposts. Morim will develop a plan of action for planting a Great Awakening assembly including mobilizing teams, clarifying local assembly visions, developing local assembly strategies, core group formation, organization issues, equipping leaders, ministry development, and starting assemblies that reproduce.
  13. Developing a support group for Moreh Wives through Prayer and intercession, sharing of torah teachings that pertain to our Hebraic culture being a wife, and identity.


REMEMBERING the Commandments and encouraging all in our sphere to walk as the Messiah walked (1 John 2:6) in obedience to the laws and commandments of his Father (John 15:10) of the Scriptures by:

  1. Observing the weekly Sabbath (on the seventh day) known as Saturday, just as did the Savior, Luke 4:16, as well as Paul and the Apostles, Acts 13:42-46; 17:2; 18:4. Singing, preaching, special music and familiar songs are a part of our worship.
  2. Observing and participating with Yahuah on His Holy Days to honor His Three Annual Feasts, Exodus 23:14-19 (Feast of Unleavened Bread or Passover/Pesach which includes Day of First Fruits, Feast of Harvest or Pentecost or Weeks or Shavuot, and the Feast of Ingathering or Feast of Booths or Tabernacles or Sukkot which includes the Eight Day)

REINFORCING the message of the Besorah, Torah Teachings, sound doctrinal biblical concepts, and generation-specific methodologies with a strong target towards the non-religious, post soul generation and the unassembled Hebrew and Gentile populations. We will do this through:

  1. Proclaiming the Word of the Besorah of the Kingdom through preaching the gospel to the lost tribes of Israel (Matt 15:24; 10:5) teaching Torah and preaching present day truth that corrects false doctrines and invades secular and religious systems
  2. Developing a vibrant National Marriage Ministry, that is the foundation of the Hebrew family, committed to "honoring the covenant" by supporting strong marriages. A cross-geographical Marriage Ministry that focuses on support, growth, enrichment, and fellowship for couples within the Great Awakening community and couples at large. A National Marriage Ministry committed to building an atmosphere to minister to couples through intentional marriage mentoring and championing healing and oneness in marriages.
  3. Developing Crowned Descendants, a National Children’s Ministry
  4. Developing an ObeYah Youth Ministry, designed to encourage the next generation (12yr-19yr olds), to have a personal relationship with The Most High Yah, via having a living faith in Yahusha, The Messiah of Israel. (Yochanan 14:6). To equip them with apologetics, enabling the youth to articulate a reasoned answer for the Hebraic hope within them. (Shimon Aleph 3:15). To empower them to wholly embrace the Torah culture of Yah's Kingdom. (Mattityah 6:33). To be a purveyor of discipleship, coupling the youth with mentors, locally or virtually; strengthening young ones in their walk. (Acts 18:26, Ibrim 10:24-25). To be a catalyst for the youth connecting and collaborating with their peers, establishing a culture of prayer (Yaaqob 5:16-18), speaking life over each other, and being a light to those around them. (Mattityah 5:14). To provide an outlet for the youth to celebrate their Israelite identity and rich heritage, utilizing their Yah-given gift(s) to glorify Yah, through artistic/innovative expressions.
  5. Developing a National Singles Ministry that seeks to foster an organizational environment of care, concern, and respect for singles of all ages, including their needs & experiences. Provide a platform where singles can get Biblical and practical counsel to help them develop, nurture, and maintain meaningful relationships leading to Biblically approved marriage. Create opportunities for single believers to connect with others for support & fellowship. Carve out a non-judgmental space where singles can be honest and transparent about their needs, experiences, frustrations, desires, temptations, etc. Provide an environment where the married and single can discuss relationship topics, issues, pitfalls, etc. with honesty and transparency.


RESTORING Unadulterated Truth by

  1. offering education and training through our Academies that explores the contributions, genealogy, history, and prophecies concerning people of color in the Bible and the many African tribes played an integral part in the history and development of Israel as a nation.
  2. Establishing a Hebrew Academy International, a formal Learning Academy for all Hebrew believers and leaders who believes Yah has called them to the work of the ministry, to exercise their gifts in ministry and to work, and witness for The Messiah; by preaching, teaching, and training for Kingdom service, and to present them mature in The Messiah.
  3. establishing Ancient Set Apart Torah Scholars, state-of-the-art K-12 school and academic training center, with a strong emphasis on Hebrew history, language, education, arts, technology, and academic excellence

RESTORING undefiled service by

  1. Developing a World Missions Team that will launch evangelical and humanitarian relief teams from the Great Awakening International who will travel to domestic and international geographies to provide humanitarian assistance, food, medical care, health education, biblical heritage, and interdisciplinary care to those in need while sharing the Besorah with the dispersed.
  2. Meeting the needs of the impoverish populations by fostering social justice, academic, economics, physical and cultural development where the dispersed are.

RESTORING unadulterated worship by making effort to root out error that has crept into modern worship and return to the paths of pure worship through offering cutting-edge generation-specific music and worship arts renaissance for the express purpose of restoring the Tabernacle of David (Amos 9:11-13, Acts 15:13-17) as a model of assembly worship through:

  1. Equipping congregational worshippers, worship artists and worship leaders to fulfill their priestly duty of praise and worship by training all those influenced by our ministry to possess organic excitement, exuberant-ant praise, unconventional worship styles, and unwavering faith to capture the heart and attention of Yah.
  2. Developing an International Music Ministry where awakened musicians, praise teams, choirs and special groups who play and sing through the prophetic nature of music with original creative songs and sounds, using all forms and genres of music to convey the heart of Yah to transform lives.
  3. Creating a Levitical-type atmosphere where music, liturgical dance, drama, arts, flags, noise making devices, spoken word and poetry are working in sync to produce a celebratory environment that carries the very presence of Ruach HaKodesh (Holy Spirit) in various expressions of worship that causes the natural and the spiritual world to collide.
  4. Creating a setting where performing arts, media, technology, and social networking devices augments acts of praise and prophecy within our worship experiences.

Creating a Playwright Media Ministry that impact the disperse by using the art of theater, video, and film as a vehicle to teach and address life issues in the Hebrew Community. To provide opportunities by using the art of theater to reach, teach, encourage, and awaken all people.

  1. Creating settings that will serve as a training center to evoke and produce skillful musicians, psalmist playwrights, authors, actor(ess), artists, comedians, songwriters, directors and producers, with creativity, innovation, flexibility and equipped with Kingdom agendas to be released in the music and entertainment arenas.
  2. Exposing our styles of music and arts to secular and sacred settings through Hebraic concerts, programs, musicals, live recordings, plays, drama, orchestras, recitals, movies, festivals, and similar type venues.
  3. Build a Sound Recording Studio to become a creative hub where artists, bands, songwriters, musicians, and producers can realize their potential. A recording studio that produces a recording experience and music needs for awakened artists by using all resources available to fine tune the abilities of the awakened artists and musicians.
  4. Create a Record Label to provide awakened creators the chance to express themselves through original music production, artistic development, and music placements while sharing the opportunity regardless of age, background, or musical ability. GAI’s Record Label will create high-value music compositions that bring attention to awakened artists and support the vision of creatives. We focus on awakened or truth artists who create work that is sonically and politically pushing boundaries toward liberation. We work together to create an alternative to an industry that has historically exploited and devalued the awakening movement and requires artists to compromise the values of Torah.
  5. Develop a Music Publishing Company to protect and enhance the rights of awakened music publishers and the creators we represent, using education, collaboration, and communication. To create the standard in the awakened music publishing community, by empowering our covenant partners to achieve their goals and by advocating on behalf of truth artists to the world at large.

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