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Tephillah (Prayer) Assignment Form 


Dear Participant,

The Great Awakening H2N International has been called to start a 24/7 Tephillah (Prayer) Yaad. This would be prayer every hour on the hour (except during the weekly sabbath hours) leading up to the Passover 2021.

Due to the enormous onslaught of spiritual war going on, we believe it is imperative to continue tephillah without ceasing thereby positioning Great Awakening on the offense instead of defense with the goal of diverting fiery darts of wicked agendas and covering GA Mishpacha holistically.  With this goal in mind, we will post a 24/7 Tephillah Yaad (prayer appointment) schedule to commence starting November 5, 2020 at 6:00 am eastern standard time. 

All that are interested in being a part of a 24/7 tephillah vigilance will volunteer for the hours posted. We will have 8 (3 hour) prayer watches. Each participant will be given one-hour intervals (you can take two or more if you desire). We’ve been instructed to tephillah in ruach of echad and aheb. 

Please sign up below for one-hour slots below and email us your slot. The Master Tephillah List will updated weekly on the website.

You are to pray for that hour that you committed. Please place your name and the hour that you can commit to prayer. The goal is to have all watches and areas covered. We will begin our tephillah assignments on November 5, 2020 at the 5th watch which is 6am in the morning. We will be assigning captains to every prayer watch to ensure that those three hours are covered

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