Moreh Responsibilities

Morehs of the Assemblies of the Great Awakening shall have a good grasp and hearty endorsement of the biblical and Hebraic/theological orientation of the leadership of the Great Awakening. The Assembly Moreh needs to meet the spiritual and character qualifications of elder as found in 1 Timothy 3:1-7 and Titus 1:6-9 and to exhibit the fruit of the Ruach as found in Galatians 5:22. He should be wise, discerning, decisive, sensitive, tender and firm. He should be a person of prayer and of the Word, sensitive to what the Ruach is saying to Israel. He should devote himself to daily prayer and Bible reading for the sake of guarding himself/herself from sin and stirring up his/her heart and mind to renewed passion for Mashiack and should lead his/her family in regular times in the Word and prayer.

The Assembly Moreh should be a leader, collaborator, teacher, ruach filled, problem solver, and peacemaker.

  • Should embrace the vision of awakening the scattered of Israel and the message of the Torah and Besorah
  • Should unreservedly hold to Great Awakening’s statement of beliefs.
  • Should embody and demonstrate the Hebraic culture and understanding of the Scriptures
  • Should be loyal both to YHUH and His Awakening movement.
  • A committed follower of Yahusha ha'Mashiach who demonstrates spiritual maturity and models an authentic relationship with YHUH.
  • An experienced, dynamic leader with strong communication and teaching skills.
  • A motivating inspirer, whether you’re sitting with 20 people or standing in front of 2,000.
  • Passionate about casting vision.
  • A leader who is committed to the vision, purposes, values, and beliefs of Great Awakening’s multi-city model.
  • A proven record of understanding and developing Spiritual formation processes.
  • Highly relational with a genuine love for people and able to coach, develop, and lead staff.
  • High-energy self-starter with an entrepreneurial work ethic who gets things done and makes things happen.
  • Program/Management skills/proven ability to juggle and prioritize multiple tasks at once.
  • Team player and team builder
  • Culturally relevant: able to meet anyone/anywhere and connect well, uses social media.
  • Creates an environment for innovation.
  • Experience in pastoral counseling and skilled in conflict management.
  • Hebraic education level ministerial training or equivalent experience and a minimum of three (3) years in the awakening.
  • Proficiency with standard computer office products (Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint).


Personal Skills

  1. Leadership – the Assembly Moreh should be able to lead in a variety of contexts (individual, small groups, large groups) in such a way that the Torah and Besorah are central. He should be a self-starter and an initiative taker.
  2. Relational —the Assembly Moreh should have the heart to care for people, not just manage systems; that drive should manifest itself in the appropriation of time.
  3. Administrative —while seeking mainly to shepherd people, the Assembly Moreh should have the skill set and ability to effectively manage the various administrative tasks associated with the position.
  4. Teacher —the Assembly Moreh should be an effective teacher who is able to rightly handle Torah and joyfully engage in expository exultation while speaking especially to the Assembly’s unique context.
  5. Teacher/Equipper —the Assembly Moreh should be able to effectively “equip the saints for the work of the ministry.”
  6. Communicator —the Assembly Moreh should be able to clearly and concisely communicate the needs and aims of the Assembly to all-Assembly leadership and similarly communicate decisions from all-Assembly leadership to Assembly staff and congregation.
  7. Peacemaker —the Assembly Moreh should be able to tactfully and winsomely unite Hebrews with varying doctrinal perspectives to advance harmony and love in the Hebrew Community.


Primary Responsibilities:                                                                                                                    

  • Represents the Great Awakening at the local/Assembly level
  • Identify, recruit, and develop key local assembly leaders
  • Lead weekly Bible Studies and help design the Sabbath worship services for that Assembly
  • Carries the DNA of Great Awakening into the local Assembly and makes sure it is fleshed out in every area
  • Oversees and supervises logistics of the Assembly
  • Provide vision and support for Assembly staff and congregation
  • Help create a system for pastoral care responsibilities at the Assembly
  • Manage Assembly budget
  • Lead staff and volunteers
  • Attend all necessary Great Awakening executive team meetings and are responsible for bridging the gap and communicating effectively between the extension Assembly and the Great Awakening
  • Submit Weekly Statistical Reporting to the Great Awakening on a weekly basis for analytics.


Spiritual Formation/Connections: 


  • Oversee Spiritual Formation processes to move congregants on a higher level on their Spiritual journey.
  • Serve as a visible and accessible leadership presence at Sabbath gatherings and other community gatherings.
  • Ensure that all necessary systems are in place for connection to life at Great Awakening throughout the country.

Assembly Leadership:                                                                                                                                  

  • Ensure that staff, volunteer staff, lay point leaders and lay leaders are fully aligned with Great Awakening’s vision, mission, strategies, and goals.
  • Recruit, train, and oversee Assembly staff and create a relational team culture for all workers.
  • Look at the Assembly from a higher level in an effort to join ministry teams or departments for greater overall impact at the Assembly and within the community.
  • Work collaboratively with Children, Youth, Adult Ministries, and Worship Arts ministries to ensure that all programming elements of weekend services and ministry programs are operating effectively.
  • Oversee events unique to the Assembly, but consistent with the practices of the Assembly.
  • Provide administrative oversight for the Assembly, including personnel, and budget. Build relationships to strengthen and unify not only this Assembly but our Assembly as a whole


Pastoral/Teaching Duties


  • Communicate and implement the vision by motivating and equipping the congregation to full engagement in the awakening mission by being the spiritual leader for Sabbath services and the recognized contact point.
  • Teach as the senior Moreh
  • Participate in general Pastoral duties when required (ie: ketubah (weddings), counseling, Hebraic funerals, Pastoral care).



Grow in grace and knowledge of YHUH…

  1. By maintaining a devotional life of prayer and meditation on Torah.
  2. By reading and study.
  3. By engagement in personal and corporate worship.
  4. By glad participation in mutual care and accountability with other Hebrew believers.

Provide visionary Pastoral leadership that expresses the mission of the Assembly through the uniqueness of the Assembly (e.g., geographic location, demographics, providential opportunities, staff, cultures and giftedness, etc.) by…

  1. Casting vision for the Assembly.
  2. Shaping and influencing the ethos of the Assembly.
  3. Knowing the current state of affairs in the Assembly:
  4. Making budget recommendations regarding staff, ministries, and facilities.
  5. Writing an annual Assembly report/vision paper to the congregation

Oversee employees working on the Assembly by…

  1. Oversee staff performance and activities at the Assembly.
  2. Facilitating staff collaboration and cooperation.
  3. Mediating and/or arbitrating staff conflicts, working with appropriate supervisors, and appealing to the Leadership Team as needed.
  4. Diligently pursuing staff unity and team building among Assembly-specific staff while not neglecting unity and cooperative teamwork across the Great Awakening Network of Assemblies.

Mobilizing the Assembly leaders and ensuring that the Pastoral care functions of the Assembly are carried out in ways such as …

  1. Conducting mishpacha classes.
  2. Praying for the sick and other requested prayers.
  3. Pursuing those wandering from the faith.
  4. Ministering to and through their Assembly, based on the individual gifting
  5. Leading/advising others, to maximize ministry to and through their Assembly.
  6. Assisting with worship services
  7. Recommending prospective leaders, including recommendation for dismissal if/when necessary.
  8. Ensuring that bi-directional communication between Assembly-specific congregational and the Executive Team of the Great Awakening.
  9. Selecting congregational elders to serve as Assembly-specific representatives with the Morim.

Provide leadership and oversight of the nurture ministries on the Assembly by…

  1. Overseeing the ministries of the Assembly.
  2. Overseeing a system of mishpacha care that will ensure the biblically faithful shepherding of members of the Assembly.
  3. Overseeing the baptism processes at the Assembly.
  4. Mobilizing and supporting corporate prayer so that it is the visible engine driving all efforts in the Assembly’s congregational life and ministry.
  5. Ensuring that the Great Awakening mission and strategy to awaken scattered Israel is implemented in the Assembly.

Ensuring that the congregation is growing in the knowledge of YHUH and biblical truth by… 

  1. Overseeing all teaching in the various Assembly venues.
  2. Overseeing all teaching in the various Assembly venues, such as Sabbath Academy classes, classes/seminars, women’s studies, all training, and special events on the Assembly.

Oversee leadership and oversight for all worship ministries in the Assembly

Provide leadership of all the “Outreach” ministries on the Assembly and thus ensure that the congregation is engaged in the work of disciple-making in the surrounding neighborhoods and the nations.

Provide coordinated and collaborative leadership on the Assembly by…

  1. Executing all responsibilities in harmony with the Assembly constitution, by-laws, and approved strategic directions, practices, and policies.
  2. Regular visibility and participation in Sabbath worship gatherings, prayer gatherings, special services (teaching, baptisms, child dedications, feast days, etc.), midweek services, and seasonal gatherings as is appropriate.
  3. Ensuring the regular visibility and participation of the leadership team by overseeing the assignment of public ministry roles in Sabbath worship services, prayer gatherings, special services (immersions, child dedications, etc.) midweek services, feast gatherings, and other events as appropriate.
  4. Representing the Assembly at the Great Awakening (Council meetings, strategy meetings, etc.).
  5. Supporting, coordinating, and cooperating with the various Assembly initiatives and activities.
  6. Solving problems on the Assembly by means of information, communication, collaboration, and biblical peacemaking.


Expectations on the National Level

  • Each Moreh is expected to Attend GA Council Meetings via Zoom
  •  Each Moreh and their Assembly is expected to Attend The GAI Feast Days Celebrations
  • Each Moreh is expected to Participate in GAi World Mission Initiatives
  • You and your assembly contribute to the General Fund and World Missions Fund


General Fund

The Great Awakening encourages affiliate assemblies to give to its general fund as they see fit. The funds which are given to GAI from affiliate assemblies are used to cover miscellaneous administration costs and to underwrite the expense of missions, conferences, feast day celebrations, and benevolences among the fellowship of Assemblies .

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