Are you looking for awakened-centered community in college?

 Are you wanting to share the ways Yah is moving in your life with the people around you? 

Do you have a desire to lead?

 If your answer is YES! to any of these questions, keep scrolling to learn more about what it looks like to Start a Aleph Tav College Community on your campus!


Starting an Aleph Tav College Community


How do I start a Aleph Tav College Community?

In order to start a Aleph Tav College Community, you must submit a Aleph Tav College Community Application. If you have questions before you submit your application, Contact Us.

Who can start a Aleph Tav College Community?

Any student or faculty member can apply to start a Aleph Tav College Community at her or his College/University. Students, Faculty, and Staff can apply to start an Aleph Tav College Community to incorporate an Aleph Tav College Community at their campus.

Is there a due date?

Yes! There are two due dates for the two different start dates in the school year. If you want to start your Aleph Tav College Community in the fall, applications are due by September 1st of that year. If you want to start your Aleph Tav College Community in the spring, please turn in your application by December 1st. We can be somewhat flexible on deadlines, but please try your best to meet them!

What happens after I submit my application?

After you submit your application, you will receive a submission confirmation via email. In 2-4 weeks, you will hear back. Once you’ve been accepted, you will receive a phone call and an acceptance email along with your Aleph Tav College Community Charter Agreement. The applicant should read the Aleph Tav College Community Charter agreement carefully and discuss any questions with the College Community Director staff.

What materials should I receive?

Aleph Tav College Communities will receive a username and password to log in to the Great Awakening’s Guidebook, an extensive online resource that will guide you in structuring the content of your Aleph Tav College Community meetings.

Will there be training to help me learn how to run my Aleph Tav College Community?

Yes, in addition to the training meeting in the Guidebook, Aleph Tav Collegiate Ministries hosts regional trainings in the fall. Webinar trainings are conducted in the Eastern, Southern, Northern and Western regions.

Additional webinars will be conducted in the spring for those starting Aleph Tav College Communitys at that time. At least one representative from your Aleph Tav College Community must participate in a training although everyone involved in the Aleph Tav College Community is welcome.

What do Aleph Tav College Communities do during the year?

Aleph Tav College Communitys hold regular meetings (on average Aleph Tav College Communities meet once a week). Aleph Tav College Communities hosts Torah Studies, Bible Studies, Evangelistic Events, Sabbath Gatherings, Fellowships, Feast Day events, etc.

What is expected of a Aleph Tav College Community?

  • Have fun and gain new skills– attend your Aleph Tav Training (in person or webinar)!
  • Educate yourself and your peers– hold regular meetings to learn about the Scriptures from a Hebraic lens, heritage of Bantus Negroes, and to embrace the Hebraic Culture, etc
  • Meet and collaborate with other leaders– send at least one representative to our meetings.
  • Keep Great Awakening in the loop– send Great Awakening any Aleph Tav College Community updates, including Event and contact information.

Uphold the mission of the Great Awakening & Aleph Tav College Ministries:

All Aleph Tav College Community leaders should read, understand and abide by the policies and procedures outlined in Aleph Tav College Community Handbook.

Organizational Structure and Membership:

  • Engage a team of at least 3 Aleph Tav College Community leaders to help you organize.
  • Create an Aleph Tav College Community email address for communication.

Campus and Online Presence:

  • Host 3 events a semester on your campus that highlight the importance of the Awakening and a Set-Apart Life.
  • Establish an online presence by creating an Aleph Tav College Community social media account or website.


  • Complete the end of semester reports to maintain active Aleph Tav College Community status.

Adhere to the Aleph Tav College Community Guidelines


The following application is the beginning of the formal decision-making process regarding the assessment, training and starting an Aleph Tav Community at your College. 

We handle this prayerfully and are very careful in our screening process of potential campus liasons. We believe it is in the best interest of you, the Great Awakening and Yah’s Kingdom to be discerning about whether having a college community is the best fit for the applicant. We also believe that it is our role to use every opportunity to raise up more effective college communities in the awakening movement. 

Basic Information
Additional Info

I have read, understand and will work in harmony with the Great Awakening. I understand that completion of this application is a first step, and does not necessarily guarantee that an Aleph Tav College Community will be the end result, but that the desire is to come to a conclusion that will best serve the purposes of both your college and the Great Awakening International, and ultimately and Yahuah’s Kingdom. Thank you for your application.


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