Ministry Hub Council

Establishing cross-cultural, cross-generational, and cross-geographical National Ministries and Forums to impact the communities, regions, and nations, where those who are a part of GAI’s fellowship. Our National Ministries and Forums create settings where all segments of our population can build relationships across geographical lines, create generational and ministry-specific accountability cohorts, be nurtured toward spiritual maturity, have thoughtful interchange about strategies for overcoming obstacles and impediments, and be active participants together in communal capacity. These Ministries and Forums includes: Beriyt Marriage Ministry, ObeYah National Youth Ministry, National Singles Ministry, International Music Ministry, Weeping Daughters of Rachel Prayer Ministry, Interdisciplinary Ministry, Moreh Wives Ministry, National Men's Ministry, National Outdoor Besorah Ministry, Arukah Ha'Shem Ministry, Crowned Descendants National Children's Ministry, Moreh Roundtable, Voices of Zaqen, HeBros, Morah Roundtable, My Awakening Experience, 119 & Torah, AYO ObeYah Roundtable, and Water Throwers


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