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We have developed a model which will begin to realign the Great Awakening International to better serve our affiliate local assemblies, ministries, and initiatives. With this new structure, we expect to improve communication, streamline decision-making, and customize our initiatives and interventions to meet related needs. The new structure will also enable us to increase accountability for outcomes.

This reorganization increases our missional effectiveness and contribute to future sustainability. It allows for the Guardians to be more responsive and nimbler in discerning and implementing the needs of the GAAI moving forward. Additionally, it allows the Guardians to minimize the roles we play administratively to help spend more of our time:

  • building relationships with Morehs and their Assemblies.
  • traveling to increase the awareness of the Great Awakening and its movement.
  • training leaders worldwide 

The new structure involves a realignment of entities, reassignment of roles, and redefining our goals. The new structure becomes less top-heavy, minimizes internal and external threats, helps us to effectively minister to the needs of Israel, and ensure that we are financially sustainable. 

We will be moving from the current model of 12-Elders to a 6-Elder Model that will make up the Zaqen Council. Additionally, we will be replacing the generic appointed executive model to an executive council representatives’ model where all components of the Great Awakening are represented. 

The Great Awakening International consists of 6 Councils, 7 Teams,  8 Forums, 10 Ministries, 2 Committees, Several Assemblies, Strategic Worship Hubs, and College Communities.








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Want to be part of building a Hebrew Nation? Then consider joining a Great Awakening Team or Committee. Teams and Committees are the heart of the Great Awakening Mishpacha and being part of a team or committee provides an opportunity to build the community, professional development, and leadership. Most teams and committees meet once to twice per month. Meetings are usually 2 hours in length. Please fill out the Team and Committee Form below. Please indicate your interest and willingness to participate in up to 3 committees. Once you fill out the form you will be contacted by someone to connect you to a team or committee. You will have the opportunity to serve on up to 3 of our 13 committees, teams and advisory boards to serve awakened individuals and to expand the Awakening Movement throughout the world.

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