The Great Awakening International Morim Council is a bi-weekly meeting for all Morim (Lead and Supporting) affiliated with the Great Awakening. Together, we exist to launch, connect, and equip assemblies and morehs associated with the Great Awakening.  We accomplish this by combining our resources to provide order, opportunity, and oversight to our assemblies, encourage healthy assembly growth, encourage accountability, and join forces with like-minded GAI Assemblies by meeting regularly. We provide Morim with access to the relationships, tools, and environments they need to be effective in leading or supporting their assemblies. At these meetings, we provide a setting where each Moreh can be vulnerable, receive advice from other Morehs, share assembly reports, discuss doctrinal topics, be updated on the latest happenings within the Great Awakening, and develop their leadership skills.

These meetings usually occur on the first and second Sunday of each month. 

The purpose of the Great Awakening Morim Council is to assist in providing order, oversight, and opportunities for assemblies, ministries, outreaches, and learning institutions that have a desire. It provides the following distinct goals:

  1. Planting assemblies and ministries worldwide dedicated to awakening the dispersed of Israel in cities and rural communities where they live.
  2. Develop intense leadership training, workshops, and resources of interest to assembly planters and assist these called and qualified teachers and Morehs through assessment, mentoring, training, funding, and relationships.
  3. To provide spiritual accountability for assemblies, morehs, morahs, Morehs, and those in full or part-time ministry.
  4. To provide fellowship opportunities between assemblies and ministries of the Great Awakening
  5. To provide instruction, wisdom, and/or advice to the leaders associated with the Great Awakening.
  6. To distribute communiques educating the assembly attendees in various areas of in the awakening.
  7. To make mobilization of the assembly a functional reality and not just a theoretical construct
  8. Develop a roundtable for accountability, sharing, and dialogue for Morehs, Teachers (Morehs), and Para-Assembly Leaders that have been birth out of the Great Awakening or those who choose to be in relationship with the Great Awakening. Facilitating a point of connection for providing (order), (opportunity), and (oversight).
  9. Organize an annual conference for Great Awakening assemblies, morehs/Morehs, affiliates, and assembly leaders for the purposes of Holy Convocation and to raise a standard of excellence in their ministries.
  10. Send convoy teams throughout the nations to establish believers in present-day truth through discipleship, conferences, citywide crusades, seminars, and local assembly meetings.
  11. Develop a partnership with proven foreign missions ministries for the purpose of bringing holistic services and foster self-sufficiency to underdeveloped and deprived nations where the disperse of Israel is through “feed the hungry” programs, clothing, educational materials, and establishing Hebraic-centered schools.
  12. To fulfill both the great commission of reaching the disperse for the Kingdom while demonstrating relational love for all people.
  13. Be instigators of promoting unity, reconciliation, and leadership training in the Hebrew Community
  14. Develop evangelistic (awakening) strategies that redirect the lives of community dwellers toward kingdom purpose.
  15. To develop platforms to perpetuate the Great Awakening Movement and the Besorah of the Kingdom of Yah.
The Morim Council serves as a medium through which the Morim and their Assemblies work in harmony and cooperation with one another, promoting the Awakening Movement and the work of the Kingdom. To serve as an advocate for the Great Awakening Assemblies

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