Tune in to “Let’s Talk About It (Moreh’s Roundtable)” presented by The Great Awakening International and the Family of Great Awakening Assemblies every first and third Monday 8:00-10:00pm est on FACEBOOK LIVE and YOUTUBE LIVE. Please share the broadcast on your social media feeds and let us know your thoughts by commenting or asking questions at the end of the discussion.                                                                                                                    

The panel, broadcast live on the Great Awakening International Youtube and Facebook channels, will spotlight doctrinal issues, correcting miseducation, exposing false doctrines, unveiling the Truth, awakening the nations, unlocking the Torah, shedding light of the scriptures, combining Spirit with Truthperspectives with live and experienced Moreh’s from the family of Great Awakening Assemblies in the United States and Bahamas. For additional questions after the broadcast is over please click the question mark below. Remember to use #GreatAwakening or #MorehRoundtable on all your social media posts.

Featuring the following Moreh’s

  • Vaughn Parker
  • Anthony Boddy
  • Ronald Dalton Jr.
  • Rick Marlin
  • Oladele Blair
  • Dr. Kenneth Howard
  • James Howard
  • Tomiko Evans
  • Anav Shachah





  1. To create an online broadcast for our viewers to hear traditional criticism and contemporary biblical scholarship from respected leaders around the country.
  2. To establish a live recording setting that identifies, explains and dissects issues contributing to the invisibility of people of color in the bible.
  3. To give our viewers a basic working knowledge of the ethnicity, genealogy, and historical evidence contained within and outside of the pages of scripture pertaining to the original faith, people, and doctrine.
  4. To create a collaborative platform for retrieving the historical memory, culture and language of the ancient Hebrews and their descendants.
  5. To have thoughtful interchange about strategies for overcoming obstacles and impediments in the Hebrew community today.
  6. To expose our viewership to the original historical context and sound doctrinal arrangement of the Scriptures for the sake of spreading the full truth of the Kingdom’s gospel.
  7. To form a stage where our audience can ask tough doctrinal questions unanswered by the Christian tradition.
  8. To discuss inconsistent doctrinal issues and germane facts raised in many religious circles
  9. To provide talking points and resources to help combat the regurgitated lies forced through religious systems, Eurocentric-dominant presentations, and poorly interpreted scriptures.
  10. To create a platform that increases awareness of, knowledge about, and appreciation for issues unique to the people who have discovered their Hebraic roots.
  11. To educate and update viewers on trends and issues related to the rapidly growing Hebrew community through sharing information on research, educational opportunities, regional resources, new communities, prophetic events, community issues, and trends.
  12. To create an outlet to equip our viewership with foundational truths to strategically and accurately defend the faith of the scriptures.
  13. To showcase diversity across various factions, beliefs, and settings in our community.
  14. To share models of historical, linguistic, cultural, and biblical methodologies in our culture.
  15. To display tools and techniques to share the awakening message with others from a scholarly, historical and biblical perspective.



  1. Showcase Live Panelists and Experienced Moreh’s to talk about relevant issues
  2. Awaken the Tribes of Israel scattered in the Nations
  3. Unlock the endless truth and importance of Torah
  4. Combine Spirit with Truth to draw our viewership to the Gospel (Besorah)
  5. Shed the Light of the Scriptures to all races, creeds, tongues, and nations
  6. Correct the Miseducation of Modern Christianity
  7. Expose the False Doctrines taught for Centuries
  8. Unveil the Truth of the Scriptures with scholarship, history and biblical facts

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