The Great Awakening International & Awake the Nations presents the AWAKE AFRICA Evangelistic Torah Tour in the Summer of 2024. This is a three-5-day awakening tour in 3 different countries (Kenya, Zambia, and Ghana) over a period of (15 Nights, and 16 Days).

We endeavor to Awaken Africa by:

  • Preaching the Besorah
  • Repentance Back to Torah
  • Truth Music Outdoor Concerts
  • Biblical Heritage Awareness
  • Street Evangelistic Ministry
  • Feeding the Marginalized
  • Community Outreach
  • Building Hebraic Residential Communities

One of the emphases of this trip would be to provide a Humanitarian Mission effort by providing aid to those in need and preaching the Besorah of the Kingdom to Kenyans, Zambians, and Ghanaians. We would work with natives Moreh Douglas Ogemba, Robert Mensyah, and Zaqen GadarYahu of Great Awakening African Worship Hubs to develop strategies to better serve the natives. We would organize efforts to support emergency shelter, health, water, sanitation, hygiene, food, and psychosocial support for people on the continent.

We use various Hebrew Artists to perform live concerts, evangelize the local neighborhoods, preach the Besorah (Gospel of the Kingdom), and share conclusive evidence revealing to the natives that they are the bloodline “Children of Israel.”

Also, during this tour, we hope to establish GAI Hebraic Off-Grid Hebraic Communities throughout Africa to facilitate points of connection, galvanize our resources, distance ourselves from grid dependency, live together in true community, and support each other as a means to survive in the end times. Each African Hebraic Community will consist of the following: Off Grid Living, Residential Community, Campgrounds w/ Cabins, Farmland, Multi-Purpose Worship Facility, Community Heritage Hall, Food Processing Facility, Body of Water, Recreation/Community Center, ASATS School / Hebrew Academy International, Storage Facility, Barn House, Solar Field, Business & Heritage Center, Healing & Health Center.

Before we finalize this event we are looking to poll our community to see how many of you would be interested in attending this tour and whether or not we should move ahead with the planning. Conducting this pre-event survey also helps the Great Awakening International understand your interests and preferences. Your feedback will help us validate the preparation of this evangelistic event and humanitarian effort while sparking new ideas.


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