Want to volunteer for Detroit Weekend 2022? Then consider joining one of our Detroit Weekend 2022 Teams. Teams are the heart of the Great Awakening Mishpacha and being part of a team for Detroit Weekend 2022 provides an opportunity to ensure that this event is done in excellence. Please indicate your interest and willingness to participate in up to  teams. Once you fill out the form you will be contacted by someone to connect you to a team.

Registration / Guest Services Chairperson & Sub-committee

The Registration/Guest Services team is responsible for pre-outreach guest promotion and the day-of-outreach Registration/Guest Services. Guest promotion involves the distribution of promotional handbills and posters through community distribution locations, door-to-door invitations, and public-school distributions. At the outreach, Guest Services is responsible to provide guests with helpful information at the Welcome Area, distribute food coupons, count the number of guests entering the site, and greet guests in different areas of service.

AfterCare Chairperson & Sub-committeeThe AfterCare Coordinator is responsible to plan and complete all AfterCare activities. AfterCare activities include: (1) recruiting AfterCare leaders, and workers; (2) planning the day of outreach Family Services; (3) planning the AfterCare Training; (4) planning the Acts of Kindness; and (5) encouraging mishpacha to follow up with community for five weeks following the outreach.

Arrangements Chairperson & Sub-committee
The Arrangements team is responsible to obtain much of the equipment and supplies needed for the outreach. This includes fence, stages, sound systems, tables, chairs, tents, electrical power, trash cans, forklifts, and more. In addition, this team is responsible to recruit site setup and cleanup volunteers and oversee all site setup and cleanup responsibilities. At the outreach, the Arrangements team is responsible to oversee the Command Center.

Community Services Chairperson & Sub-committee
The Community Services team is responsible to recruit the participation of local organizations that offer helpful services and resources to the working poor, elderly, and small children (e.g., free haircuts, clothing, job placement assistance, etc.).

Food Procurement Chairperson & Sub-committee
The Food Procurement team is responsible to obtain all food, beverages, and additional bulk grocery items needed for Food Services and Groceries. At the outreach, the Food Procurement team oversees Groceries, which is responsible to unpack pallets and bag groceries, stock grocery distribution tables, and distribute groceries to guests. 

Food Services Chairperson & Sub-committee
The Food Services team is responsible to help obtain food and beverages needed for Food Services. At the outreach, Food Services volunteers prepare and serve food and beverages to guests and volunteers.

Health Services Chairperson & Sub-committee
The Health Services team is responsible to organize a health fair. This includes medical and dental professionals, pregnancy and prenatal care, nutrition, substance abuse counseling, and more. In addition, free screenings are provided such as blood pressure, hearing tests, vision screening, physical exams, dental checkups, and more.

Torah Kids Zone Chairperson & Sub-committee
The Torah Kids Zone team is responsible to plan and coordinate the day-of-outreach Kids Zone, which includes, balloons, and decorations, child registration, face painting, concessions, entrance and exit, games and activities, awakening presentation, and recovery area for lost children. In addition, this team is responsible to procure carnival games, inflatable activities, giveaways, and needed equipment and supplies.

Media Relations Chairperson & Sub-committee
The Media Relations team is responsible to prepare and distribute Media Alerts, Public Service Announcements, and, immediately following the outreach, Press Releases. This team is also responsible to promote the outreach through all print, radio, and network and cable TV media outlets.

Prayer Tent Chairperson & Sub-committee
The Prayer team is responsible to plan all outreach-related prayer tent and activities. This team is also responsible to recruit prayer leaders and mobilize the Assembly to pray.

At the outreach, the Prayer team will provide leadership to prayer partners and intercessory prayer teams. Prayer partners visit with guests, identify personal needs, and ask for the privilege to pray with guests for those needs. Intercessory prayer teams provide focused prayer and intercession for both guests and volunteers. 

Besorah Team Chairperson & Sub-committeeThe Besorah team is responsible for sharing the message of the Torah, Besorah, and Identity with the masses. Creating personal conversations and using tracts and other communiques to share the Great News with the Masses.

Safety Chairperson & Sub-committee
The Safety team is responsible for security plans. This includes pre-recruiting Safety volunteers to serve at the outreach. Outreach responsibilities include keeping the site perimeters and access gates secure, securing the grocery area, providing traffic control and parking assistance, and more. The Safety team is also responsible to provide overnight site security on each day of site setup.

Site Worship & Entertainment Chairperson & Sub-committee
The Site Entertainment team is responsible to schedule entertainment activities for children and adults. Site Entertainment can include animal balloons, animal costumes, bands, choirs, clowns, drama, giveaways, dance teams, instrumental musicians, puppets, special sports entertainers, and more.
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