Volunteers for Passover 2022

Greetings from the Great Awakening International's Passover 2022! We are excited as we finish up details for the Passover 2022 and look forward to working with volunteers throughout the nation. As you can imagine, the number of volunteers needed for a Passover 2022 is great. There are several teams that will all be responsible for specific volunteers, as described.


Assignments of Teams

Civic Center Greeters - Volunteers will welcome guests at the Civic Center as well as directing traffic within the Civic Center from Friday morning through Sunday evening. Volunteers Needed: 3  Sidewalk Greeters - Volunteers will be stationed at the core and on sidewalks near the nexus of Passover 2022 activities from Friday morning until Saturday evening. Volunteers Needed: 2 Hotel Lobby Greeters - Volunteers will staff information tables in hotel lobbies in the two hotel sites from Friday morning until Saturday evening. Volunteers Needed: 4 

Registration - Some of these volunteers will staff the registration area in Civic Center. They may provide badge holders and information packets to those who are pre-registered. Others may staff the information tables for questions about the Passover 2022. Management of online registration and payments, Management of speaker and guest room assignments, creation of attendee badges, Creation and maintenance of a master check-in list, Creation/compilation of attendee package: bags, maps, t-shirts, program booklet, and lanyard. Managing Passover 2022 on-site registration and information tables, Updates to attendees leading up to Passover 2022 Attendee tracking (room numbers).  A third set of volunteers may assist the professional firm handling on-site registration. Assist in “assembly” line to stuff Passover 2022 materials into Passover 2022 tote bags Assist in setting up the registration area. This entails: Placing tote bags below registration tables. Placing name badges in name badge holders at registration table. Assisting with other registration setup needs as they may arise. Volunteers Needed: 6

Transportation Hub Greeters / Shuttle Bus Drivers – Volunteers who possess a Chauffers’ license will be driving and picking up and dropping off guests who have pre-registered for the Shuttle Service. Other volunteers will be stationed at shuttle bus service drop-off and pickup points at peak hours from Friday morning Monday morning to help all Passover 2022 attendees using Bus Services to and from, hotels, the Civic Center and Enid Lake. These volunteers will greet our visitors at the airport. They will guide them toward transportation to their local destinations.  Volunteers Needed: 6

Accessibilities - These volunteers will be a source of information for physically challenged and other individuals who feel the need for additional support. Volunteers Needed: 2

Children Workshops: This team is responsible to plan and coordinate the Children Workshops, which includes 4 age groups: Elementary (Pre-K – 2), Elementary (Grades 3-5), Middle School (Grades 6-8), High School (Grades 9-12). A minimum of 2 volunteers are need per age group. Volunteers are responsible for ministry plans, decorations, child registration, entrance and exit, games and activities, gospel presentation, and recovery area for lost children. In addition, this team is responsible to procure needed equipment and supplies. Volunteers Needed: 6

Food Preparation: Volunteers will help prepare, cook, and serve Breakfast, Lunch, and Seder Meal items during Passover 2022. This team is responsible for setup, breakdown, and cleanup of food areas. Volunteers Needed: 15

Arrangements/Decorations: The Arrangements team is responsible to obtain much of the equipment and supplies needed for the Passover 2022. This includes the Seder Meal Program, Sabbath Gathering, and First Fruits Celebration. This includes decorating, setting up tables, chairs, stages, sound systems, tables, chairs, tents, electrical power, trash cans, and more. In addition, this team is responsible to recruit site setup and cleanup volunteers and oversee all site setup and cleanup responsibilities. Volunteers Needed: 6

Workshop Liaisons / Guide Guests: Assist moving Passover 2022 attendees into the main general session area and workshops in a timely manner for sessions by asking people to please take their seats – assisting anyone who may need assistance finding a seat. Volunteers Needed: 3

Stage Play / Night of Worship:  They are responsible for ensuring that the set up / tear down, musical guests are well fed and taken care of, arranging sound check opportunities, equipment, scheduling, ensuring that artists are accommodated for, and creating a welcoming and helpful environment, Volunteers Needed: 4

Marketing and Promotional: Responsible for developing and implementing marketing initiatives and activities to increase awareness of the Passover 2022 to attract attendees, assemblies, and ministries; seek corporate entities that are interested in supporting the Passover 2022; developing compelling and innovative promotional and marketing materials to enhance attendance at Passover 2022. Volunteers Needed: 4

Program Committee: responsible for organizing the Seder Meal, Shabbat Gathering, and First Fruit Programs. This includes compiling guest list, table assignment, printing of programs, scheduled performances, organize Seder Program Booklet, organize dinner selections, and arrange itineraries for the events. Volunteers Needed: 4 

Vendors Committee: responsible for creating a package for reaching out to potential vendors, tracking document weekly and updates on vendor selection, provide selected vendors with the Passover 2022 agenda, booth location, set up timing and details, and other relevant information, schedule meetings with vendors to answer any question they have on set up logistics, on the day of the event, walking around the vendor area and talk with vendors to ensure they have everything they need, secure a target of twenty (20) paying vendors that are relevant to the Passover 2022 theme and purpose. Volunteers Needed: 3 

Corporate Prayer Coordinators: responsible for identifying key attendees who will are willing to pray during the one-hour Sabbath Morning Corporate Prayer event and Closing Corporate Prayer on Monday. Responsible for uniting all attendees to pray collectively and fervently for Yah to break through in new and miraculous ways. To organize a prayer initiative, during the Passover 2022, that fuels the atmosphere of possibility, and the entire focus begins to shift from inward to up-and-outward. Volunteers Needed: 3 

 Immersion: responsible for making sure that all necessary immersion equipment is available and ready prior to each immersion service on Sunday April 17, 2022 during Passover 2022. Develop a list of candidates and notify candidates for immersion well in advance of the scheduled immersions at Enid Lake. Arrange with and candidates for a period of instruction regarding the baptism. Prepare name tags of candidates for identification purposes. Assure supplies such as towels, robes, plastic bags for wet clothing, white attire for those who forget to bring one, male and female grooming accessories, and plastic baskets for wet towels and robes available. Give candidate an official record of immersions. Perform necessary cleanup after the immersions. Volunteers Needed: 10                                                                       

Social Media: responsible for helping us to spread the word about all the great happenings at The Great Awakening International Passover 2022!  If you’re an avid Tweeter, Facebooker, Instagramer this area is for you.  These volunteers must be experienced "Tweeters" who are knowledgeable about tweeting protocol and Twitter best practices (use of hash tags, re-tweeting and attribution, etc.). Volunteers must be on site for the duration of the Passover 2022. All you need to do is just share your experiences in Batseville out to let everyone know all the great stuff happening. Volunteers Needed: 2

Security Team: responsible for providing for the safety and welfare of the attendees during Passover 2022 activities; minimizing the frequency and/or severity of harmful incidents; and communicating observations and/or incidents that have a potential impact on the general well-being of attendees. The Security Team is responsible to protect the premises during Passover by completing activities like looking for signs of crime, identifying trespassers, reporting suspicious incidents, and performing first aid when necessary. The Security Team will be stationed at various posts throughout a Batesville Civic Center. Volunteers Needed: 6

The Audio/Video Team: responsible for the overall responsibility for setting up and operating the audio and video systems at Passover. The AV Team will determine speaker placement, set up the Front-of-House (FOH) operation position, scan and program wireless microphone frequencies, and “EQ” the room, or equalize the room based on speaker dynamics and frequency response to improve sound quality and prevent feedback. The AV Team is also the primary operator of the sound board during the event. The AV Team handles projection, downstage monitors (confidence monitors), presentation files, video recording, video playback, speaker timers, recording, screen switching, camera switching, and web streaming to keep things running smoothly. Volunteers Needed: 8

Photography & Videography Team: primary videographers and photographers for all Passover 2022 events and activities. Responsible for capturing high quality event content capturing fun, brand friendly moments both candid and on some occasions staged. Responsible for all photographic and video content from start to finish including capturing content and editing for the needs of output. To curate a strong gallery of aspirational images and video content which will be used to reflect the Great Awakening to the public. Volunteers Needed: 4


Want to volunteer for Passover 2022? Then consider joining one of our Passover 2022 Teams. Teams are the heart of the Great Awakening Mishpacha and being part of a team for Passover 2022 provides an opportunity to ensure that this event is done in excellence. Most teams meet once to twice per week leading up to Passover. Meetings are usually 2 hours in length. Please fill out the Volunteer Form below. Please indicate your interest and willingness to participate in up to 3 teams. Once you fill out the form you will be contacted by someone to connect you to a team.

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