A Practical Health Information
Zoom Seminar/Webniar
Presenter: Moreh Dr. Will Johnson

During this introductory seminar, participants will learn the truthful concept that we are the Temples of Most High EL; thus, we must diligently look after the wellbeing of His Dwelling Place by keeping ourselves pure from uncleanness. We will review some of the ways that we can obtain optimal nutrition, while covering numerous healthy living principles.

Topics to Discuss: Proper nutrition and GMOs, vitamins, herbs, supplements, weight loss, product/label recognition, fasting, and more!

January 25, 2023 6:00PM CST 7:00 PM EST
Dr. William K. Johnson, PhD, MSc, originates from Jackson, MS. Dr. Johnson is the Moreh of Great Awakening Assembly Madison. He is a Medical Writer & Publications Manager in the department of Medical Affairs at the Exact Sciences Corporation.  He joined their company in 2020 after 4+ years at the Medical College of Wisconsin & Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin in the Department of Surgery, Division of Pediatric Cardiovascular Surgery, where he served as the Research Scientist for the Herma Heart Institute.  The core of Will’s background and training is comprised from the fields of biology and cancer research.  He earned both his Master’s in Biology (’09) and subsequent PhD in Environmental Science (with a cancer research-focus) from Jackson State University in 2015, while receiving additional training and education at the University of Florida (Biomedical Sciences; ’08 Research Fellowship) & the University of California – Santa Barbara (Neuroscience Research Institute; ’07 Research Internship).  Moreover, while obtaining his doctorate, from 2014 – 2015 he served as an Evaluator and Clinical Research Coordinator for a public health non-profit company in the state of Mississippi.   

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